When to Use 75mm Sandwich Panel for Construction Projects?


Sandwich panels are a popular choice for construction projects due to their lightweight, yet sturdy nature. At 75mm thick, the 75mm sandwich panel offers an ideal balance of strength and cost efficiency. But when should you use a 75mm panel?

Let’s take a look at some common scenarios in which these panels are most suitable!

Insulation Purposes

75mm panels are excellent insulators due to their composition of two metal sheets with insulation between them. This makes them perfect for applications such as cold rooms, freezers, and warehouses that need to maintain a consistent temperature.

The insulation helps keep the interior warm or cool depending on the season, resulting in less energy being used to maintain the desired temperature. Furthermore, the insulation also helps reduce sound transfer from one room to another, making it an ideal solution for soundproofing walls or ceilings.

External Walls and Facades

The combination of metal sheets and insulation make these panels great for external walls and facades as well. Not only can they help create a pleasant exterior appearance but they can also help protect your building from extreme weather conditions like heavy rain or high winds.

The metal sheets act as a wind barrier while the insulation helps keep water out so that your walls remain dry and structurally sound. Additionally, this type of panel is also fire-resistant so it can provide additional protection against fires in your building’s vicinity.

Ceilings & Roofs

As mentioned earlier, 75mm panels are lightweight yet strong enough to support weighty objects such as roof tiles or ceiling boards. They can be installed quickly and efficiently compared other roofing materials like tiles or shingles which require more time and labor costs to install properly.

Furthermore, they offer superior thermal resistance which means they will help keep heat inside during cold months while keeping cool air in during hot summer days – leading to lower energy costs over time.

Luton – A Solution To Buy 75 mm Sandwich Panels

Luton is an ideal manufacturer to buy 75 mm sandwich panels because they offer a high-quality product that meets all industry standards and requirements. Their sandwich panel products are strong yet lightweight and are designed to provide maximum insulation and protection.

They use the latest technologies in manufacturing processes, ensuring that their panels are built with precision and durability. Luton also provides customers with expert technical support when needed, making them a reliable partner for any business.

Furthermore, they offer competitive prices and timely delivery, making it easy and cost-effective to get the right equipment on time.


75 mm sandwich panels offer an ideal balance of strength and cost efficiency for many construction projects involving walls, facades, roofs/ceilings, and insulation purposes. This type of panel is light yet sturdy enough to support heavy objects such as roof tiles or ceiling boards – all without having any negative impact on aesthetics. With all these benefits combined together into one product, it’s no wonder why these types of panels have become increasingly popular over the years.


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