Seven Top Ideas for Hanging a Modern Crystal Chandelie


The appeal and sheer exuberance a modern crystal chandelier brings to a home can’t be overemphasized. It can transform any space in your home to look amazing, so why restrict the lights to just your formal dining room? There is a place for chandeliers in every space in your home, from the entryway to the living room to the kitchen and even the bath, that’s right; the bath!



Check out some of the favorite spots below and watch how it inspires you to give your living space a brilliant appeal.

  1. In the Entryway

What better place to give a grand statement other than the entry? Nowhere! So, why not make the most of the tall ceiling in your entryway with a large-scale piece, like this modern crystal chandelier to give your guest an inkling of expecting more style ahead? Even in a mini apartment, a chandelier can be the drama you need to make a rough-and-ready lobby feel exactly like a grand entrance.

  1. In the Living Room

Subtle ceiling mounts are just fine for a living space, but the attractive presence of a crystal chandelier in your living room can’t be denied. The best part of it is that it doesn’t even have to be all glamorous; the glamour and elegance this crystal piece brings to your living space is so lovable, as it casts its shadow against the walls.

  1. In the Kitchen

Balance the smooth lines and down-to-earth finishes of your kitchen with a sparkling chandelier.

  1. In the Dining Room

If there is a place where a chandelier is most expected in a home- it is definitely the dining room. So, we want you to try something a little eccentric. A crystal-encrusted ship, a multi-arm modern fixture, and a cluster of bubble-like glass: These amazing chandelier designs will offer an aura of wit and whimsy to all meals you have in the dining room.



  1. In the Bedroom

There is nothing that spells “master suite” like a fantastic light fixture in the bedroom. High ceilings are capable of handling oversize designs, such as a modern crystal chandelier; in addition to adding elegance, it will even make the room feel a little more intimate. A must-have with any style you choose is a dimmer switch. There should be no room for excessively bright overhead light in your sleeping area.

  1. In the Guest Room

Forget about how mini-sized your guest room is, even the smallest guest suites can have a chandelier and this is an amazing way to even make the room feel more thoughtful. Adding a chandelier makes a tucked-under-the-eaves bed cozier than it should be, while the sophisticated design adds more attention to the space.

  1. In the Bathroom

A crystal chandelier is a perfect way to boost the lush factor of your bath. A chandelier dripping with glass crystalline rods uplift even the dullest baths. Don’t even get us started on how sleek your bathroom looks when it is hung over a fabulous freestanding tub.




































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