3 Tips For Installing an LED Floodlight

LED Floodlight
LED Floodlight

LEDs (Lights Emitting Diodes) were discovered in Russia and have been around for about a century now. They are the most energy efficient type of indoor and outdoor lighting that we have in the market. In today’s article, we’ll give you three tips to guide you on how to install floodlights. Here’s how you go about installing LED floodlights:

  • Establish where you’ll position the lights

First of all, you need to determine exactly where you will place the floodlights. The placement has to be strategic enough so that the other areas are well lit as you intended them to be. Usually, the main reason why the floodlights are installed is to for security purposes. Such will deter any burglars who had the intentions of breaking into your home.

  • Shut off the main power

Ensure that the main power is turned off during the whole installation process. If you turn it back on before the project is complete means that you now have to work with live wires which puts you in great danger.

Keeping the main power shut off also prevents the occurrence of a power surge and other hazards. Restore the power only after you have completed installing the lights.

LED floodlights
LED floodlights
  • Match the wires accordingly

Attach the positive wires to the negatives and tape them together. Match the red wires to each other and the black wires too. The green wires in your home’s electrical circuit or the lightbox should be capped.

You might have to use plastic electrical caps to protect the wires from getting wet; when moisture comes into contact with the wires it causes an electrical short.

The Benefits of Using LED FloodLights

Due to the fact that they produce bright white light that is similar to daylight, LED floodlights have quite a number of applications especially. You will mostly find them in stadiums, theaters, warehouses, and playgrounds. These lights offer their users a number of benefits:

  1. Energy Efficient

LED floodlights consume very little electricity making them a great choice for most households. When you have these installed, you get to save up as much as half on your electricity bills.

LED floodlights
LED floodlights
  1. Longevity

LED floodlights are also very long-lasting and, therefore, eliminate the need for frequent bulb replacements. These bulbs last up to 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs and do not, also, die abruptly. Instead, they dim out gradually when they approach the end of their lifespan. This gives you a notice on time to let you know that it’s about time you got another bulb.

  1. Low Heat Emission

With a lot of other ordinary light bulbs, most of the energy that is supplied is converted to heat energy. The heating up of the bulb results in a lot of wastage since most of it gets lost to the surrounding air.

LEDs conserve energy maximally since no heat is generated. For this reason, they’re ideal for situations where temperatures are required to remain low such as in cold storage warehouses.

  1. Little Maintenance

Thanks to their durability, LED floodlights require very little maintenance to keep them functional. As we saw earlier, you don’t have to keep changing the bulbs every now and then. This saves you a considerable amount of money and time.

The unbreakable coverings make the bulbs tough and impervious to breakage. These bulbs remain unaffected by elements of weather and any change in temperature. They remain operational even in freezing conditions.

LED floodlights
LED floodlights
  1. High on Safety

LED floodlights are a really safe lighting option that has had very few reported cases of electric or fire accidents.

In addition to that, LEDs are free of mercury and lead and also don’t give out any carbon emissions. Overall, LED floodlights are very environment-friendly and cause no harm to people nearby.


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