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Mechanization and Automation in Manufacturing

Mechanization is a process of reducing the human efforts in manufacturing. In modern-day manufacturing, the mechanization is of great importance as it can provide...

Lean Techniques for Engineers

In most of the cases, mechanical or industrial engineers are directly or indirectly involved in manufacturing. So to make the production process successful engineers...

Most Important Lean Manufacturing Tools

Lean manufacturing concept can be implemented in any organization. It is a proven method, used by so many companies of the world. But to...

What is 5s in Lean Manufacturing? – A Complete Guide

5s is a methodology used in lean manufacturing process. As the name implies it has five words starting with ā€œSā€. All these words are...

Importance of Kaizen in Lean Manufacturing

To implement the lean manufacturing technique perfectly in your organization you need to get yourself familiar with some terms. The term Kaizen is one...

Elimination of the Seven Wastes of Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a process or method of waste minimization. Lean production or Lean manufacturing is closely related to the Japanese word Muda which...

Lean Manufacturing vs Six Sigma: Which Should You Choose?

Most manufacturers have heard of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma systems. Some believe that the two systems are much the same thing. However, although...