Why You Need Transformer Winding Machines


Transformers are an important component in an electromagnetic device. As such, there is a growing demand for transformers in different spheres.

One of the essential tools that’s used in the manufacture of these devices is the transformer winding machines. These winding machines are highly common in the electronics and telecommunications industries.

The industries will use either large, medium or small coils depending on their needs. You can always contact Kobao to get the device that meets your expectations.

When choosing the best coil winding machine, consider the production rate and the design of the coil. But the primary areas to consider are the coil dimension and the wire diameter.

These are some tips to consider when making the purchase. Be sure to follow them fully.

  1. The weight of the Coil 

Consider the dimension and weight of the coil before choosing the machine. The functionality of the coil may change significantly if you alter its weight. In the end, this has an impact on your own deliverables.

Further, if the machine isn’t able to handle the coil’s weight, it’ll hamper the production process. That’s why you have to consider the weight of the coil before you decide on the specifics of your machine.

  1. The Wire Diameter

The wires that make coil winding machines are of varying diameters. As such, you need to consider the minimum and maximum diameter of a wire used in this exercise.

That’s the only way to narrow down the choice to meet your needs.

  1. The Coil Dimension

Some Kinda Transformer Winding Machines

A winding machine may accommodate a smaller wire. Each machine will have its ideal coil dimension.

That’s why you need to use coils with large dimensions on machines they are made for. Hence, don’t forget to check the largest dimension of the coil when making the purchase.

The dimensions may be in rectangular, round, square or trapezoidal coils. In calculating their exact consider their length, diameter and diagonal length for square and trapezoidal coils.

  1. The Winding Method

You’ll need to evaluate the direction of winding when choosing the best machine. For instance, the coil may have a high speed but a low torque or a low speed and a high torque.

Also, you have to consider the production rate. This allows you to get optimal combination of torque and speed that matches with dimensions and weight of the coil.

What’s the Relationship between Coil Dimension and Wire Diameter?

The traverse length and speed of a machine will determine its output. All these factors rely on the coil dimension and the wire diameter. The torque of a machine is also dependent on these factors. That’s why you have to exercise caution on these two factors when choosing the best machine.

If the diameter is large, the traverse unit will be higher, and vice versa. The longer the traverse unit, the longer it takes a machine to complete one turn. That’s why the speed and traverse unit need to be in sync, to boost the performance of the machine.

If the two are not in sync, the turns may overlap. This affects the performance of the machine negatively.




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