A breakdown of the types of freestanding bathtubs


More than often, most people do not have time for luxurious baths. For this reason, showers are more common for regular people who have to wake up early for work. However, you can always take a day away from your busy schedules to pamper yourself. Nothing satisfies one self-care more than taking time to relax and a long bath in a luxurious bathtub. Bathtubs are always an excellent addition to the bathroom. They help increase the real estate value of our houses, promote relaxation, and improve aesthetic value in the bathroom. There are different types and categories of bathrooms that you can have built-in your home. In this post, we break down the bathtubs under the freestanding bathtub category.  

What are freestanding bathtubs?

A freestanding bathtub is a category of tubs that can either be erected next to the wall of the bathroom or towards the center. Freestanding tubs are known for increasing the aesthetic value in a bathroom. Building a freestanding bathtub is very costly. The costs lie between two thousand to five thousand dollars. There are different types of freestanding bathtubs in the market.

Types of freestanding bathtubs

  • Claw-Foot Bathtubs

This type is one of the most sophisticated types of tubs in the market. The main feature of a claw-foot bathtub is the vintage design and the luxurious appearance. The claw-foot tub is made up of clawed feet, sloping curves on the inside, and high walls. The high walls allow for deep soaking and relaxation as well. This type of freestanding tub is built at the center of the bathroom. It, therefore, provides accessibility in all directions. This feature also allows for easy cleaning. Additionally, this freestanding tub is easy to install. The downside to this type of tub is that it usually is small and does not feature as storage space.

  • Solid base freestanding bathtub

This bathtub is one of the most common ones in the market. This type of tub is in many ways, similar to the claw-foot tub. The main difference is that this type of bathtub is built directly on the floor. This element means that the tub does not have feet to support it. Like the latter, this type is situated at the center of the bathroom with space all around it. This tub is also known as a freestanding pedestal tub.

  • Circular freestanding bathtub

Like the previous two types, this type is built at the center of the room. It takes up a lot of space. However, it is conveniently accessible for use and maintenance. The main difference between this type and the other two is the shape.

  • Whirlpool freestanding tub

This type of freestanding tub features a glass panel unit. The unit offers a streamline luxurious appearance and body jets that provide hydro-massages. Constructing this type of bathtub is exceptionally costly.

Take Away

Freestanding bathtubs provide a striking visual impact and a beautiful and aesthetic appearance. Various versatile looks can be achieved with this category of tubs. The tubs can also be made from different types of materials.


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