The most crucial CNC machine components


Gensun is one of the leading CNC machining companies in China. The company offers a wide range of CNC machining services for various industries and organizations in China. It also provides some of the best CNC machining quotes, hence its popularity. This post looks deeply into the essential CNC machine components.

Components of a CNC machine

Below are some components of a typical CNC machine:

1. Rack

This component is usually found on the foundation of the CNC machine. The role of the rack is to offer support for the entire CNC machine. It also acts as a damper for controlling the foundation and vibrations of the CNC machine. The best CNC machine racks are made from granite-filled, and property welded materials and structures.

2. Frame

This is the part of the CNC machine connected to all the essential elements of the CNC machine. It helps provide the movement of the pieces in all directions. Note that these movements are usually programmed and controlled by a computer.

They can either be manually or automatically programmed. Another role of the frame is to offer support for the device, especially when powerful cutting forces are applied. More often than not, the frame is made from cast iron. This material can withstand all its functions and loads.

3. Moveable table

Also known as the worktable, the moveable table is responsible for holding the workpiece during the manufacturing process. More often than not, the worktable is moveable. It moves in the direction programmed in the machine. It also comes with work holdings attached to it T-slots. It is one of the essential components of any CNC machining tool.

4. Spindle

The spindle is arguably the cornerstone of the entire machine. Its role is to hold the rotating assembly during the CNC manufacturing process. It comes with a taper where the tool is typically installed. It is specifically designed to last for a long time because it is one of the most used parts of a CNC machine.

5. Control panel

This is the component of a CNC machine that helps the computer keyboard. It can also be used for holding other small parts of the machine. However, this may differ from one type of CNC machine to the next.

6. Computer keyboard

This component is used for programming the G-codes into the machine. This can be done before or during the machining process. It can also be done manually or automatically.

7. Axis

All CNC machines come with at least one axis. The role of the axis is to control the movements of the cutting or machining tools. Depending on the size and features of the CNC machine, there can be up to six axes. Note that the more the axes, the better the functioning of the CNC machine. The axes use cartesian coordinates. These coordinates are usually programmed into the machines using G-code, but the programming can also be done through manual jogging via the control panel.


A CNC machine is also made up of the CNC controller, which is the machine’s brain. This component is usually made up of electronics, which are responsible for controlling the movements of the axes and motors. All these parts work together to enable the effortless functioning of the CNC machine.


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