10 Common Mistakes Made During Nano Brewery Making Process

nano brewery
nano brewery

When you invest in the YoLong’s nano brewery equipment, you are taking the step in the right direction in making your beer. Ideally, there is nothing as satisfying as when you buy brewery equipment to make your own. Unfortunately, even though it’s not a complicated process, making mistakes in the nano-brewery process is one of the reasons for a spoiled batch. To avoid making them, below are a few factors you need to keep in mind when making beer.

Using No Hydrometer During The Nano Brewery Making Process

When making high-quality beer, having the measurements for a batch is essential. However, though the recipe specifications act as a guide, you need to tweak the measurements to fit every batch. For this reason, you should invest in a hydrometer. Ideally, the work of a hydrometer is to measure the amount of sugar present, the yeasting process, and alcohol level. Making beer without a hydrometer while focusing on predetermined numbers is detrimental as you will get no real feedback.

Not Investing In A Large Pan That Will Be Used During The Nano Brewery Process

The one crucial factor that you should highlight in the nano-brewery business plan is the need of buying a pan. Ideally, a pan is a container in which you will boil your beer in one go. When you invest in Yolong equipment, you will have at your disposal containers of doing so. Picking one that fits the amount you want will ensure that you don’t waste fuel and time, as you will be able to boil everything at once.

Ensuring That All The Equipment Used  During The Nano Brewery Process Is Clean

The most emphasized factor when delving in beer making, especially following a guideline on how to make the best beer at home step by step is to ensure that everything is clean. It is a fact that bacteria can mess up your beer completely. To avoid reaping nothing after hours of hard work, ensure that you clean and sterilize your equipment before you begin. Enhance cleanliness by ensuring that everything you use is for a specific purpose and that it will be set aside immediately after use.

nano brewery
nano brewery

Ensuring That The Malt Used During The Nano Brewery Process Is Properly Mashed

The best way on how to make homemade beer from scratch that is of the same quality as commercial beers is to avoid adding uncrushed malt grains to your brewing mixture. Often many people who are starting think dropping malt grains in the brewing port is sufficient for it to dissolve. This cannot be further from the truth as sometimes it doesn’t break down enough to get absorbed. So take the time and mash it up as it is the difference between a great tasting beer and ordinary beer.

Refraining From Adding Too Much Sugar During The Nano Brewery Making Process

When using homemade beer kits to make your beer, it’s imperative to avoid adding too much sugar. Ideally, if you get tempted to taste your beer in the fermentation process, you will consider it too bitter.  Choosing to add sugar in the mixture is a big mistake as the sugar turns into alcohol in the fermentation process. Note that the malt extracts already contain sugar and adding more will overwhelm the yeast amount you have added.  

Not Interrupting The Boiling During Nano Brewery Making Process

If you have the advantage of investing in commercial brewing equipment, then take advantage of it and boil your mixture to the required degree. Technically, you might be able to make beer from your first bubble. Unfortunately, the fact remains that not all bacteria have been killed in the first bubble. Give it some time and ensure that any foreign elements that might compromise your beer quality are killed.  

Avoiding Adding Large Clumps Of Yeast During The Nano Brewery Making Process

Just like using malt, the active ingredients of yeast are more potent when they are crushed. Ideally, you might have placed the correct amount of yeast but if it’s uncrushed the whole fermentation process stalls and slows down to a halt. If this is the case, you might be wondering why your best nano brewery equipment isn’t helping you and why your mixture isn’t turning to beer. Remedy it by adding a few more pills. However, avoid this aspect all together by ensuring you mash it up before adding.

nano brewery
nano brewery

Using Dirty Bottles After Completing The Nano Brewery Making Process

To ensure that you get the best beer from the nano-brewery process, aim to bottle your newly made beer in clean bottles. Just as it was with initially making the beer, bacteria can mess you up and cause your efforts to bear no fruit. So clean up the bottles you have. It might not be visible to the naked eye, but bacteria are present. So don’t assume by rinsing it out with water, but clean and sterilize the process well.  

Avoiding To Touch The Beer After Completing The Nano Brewery Making Process

In the same line of thinking with other sanitation needs is to avoid touching your beer with your hands.  It is a fact that your hands are always dirty. Avoid introducing bacteria by taking a dip in it to have a taste. Instead, use a hose for the bottling process. As slow as the whole electric brewing system might be slow, bottling it this way is the best way to ensure your beer stays fresher for longer

Using AirTight Bottles When Completing The Nano Brewery Making Process

Finally, to ensure that your beer has that frothy top that is covered, make it an aim to use airtight bottles. Ideally, most beer starter pack kits come with a handy machine for capping your bottles. However, because they are simply machines, do well to countercheck if they are truly airtight.


Overall, as you make great use of your YoLong’s nano brewery equipment to make beer, remember not to be sidelined and keep everything clean. Follow the guideline instructions that come with the nano-brewery making process. Keep in mind that the act of being able to produce high-quality beer again and again takes time and hence you should be patient.  


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