The Ultimate Guide to Concrete Planers


Have you thought about getting yourself a concrete planer? If you have, then you must have lots of questions. Often known as the concrete scarifier, this machine is often mistaken for a grinder. However, they are quite different in more ways than you think.

Because of the importance of this machine, there are many concrete planer manufacturers out there. To allow you to pick the right planer or know if you need it at all, you need to know more about the machine.

In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about concrete planer.

What Does The Concrete Planer Do?

These are machines that remove concrete efficiently. They are the top machine for this purpose to their aggressive way of going about their business.

To enable them to cut and scar the floor, they make use of cutting wheels. These wheels work at very high speed, increasing the efficiency levels.

The extent or result of the work done by the concrete planer depends on the requirements. Concrete planers can leave the ground textured, clean, and a host of profiles. It largely depends on the preferences of the users.

When Is Using A Concrete Planer A Good Choice?

Here are some things that the concrete planer does to perfection.

Asphalt and concrete surfaces

When it comes to cleaning surfaces made from asphalt and concrete, nothing comes close to the concrete planer. Its nearest competition is the concrete grinder. However, the extent of work done comes nowhere near the concrete planer.

For this reason, a concrete planer is highly sought in the construction industry.

It provides the perfect foundation for new surfaces

The concrete planer is the best machine if you are looking to use a complete set of surface covering. The concrete planer serves a whole bond with the new tiles. In the end, you have a complete job.

It helps with trip obstacles

Trip obstacles in this context include high levels on surfaces that are caused by cracks. It can also include lippage usually found on walkways and pavements.

With the help of a concrete planer, these trip obstacles can be removed. The final result will be a perfect pathway.

It smoothens the entire concrete

If you are looking for a machine that helps you achieve the smooth glorious look, then the concrete planer should be high up on your list. As earlier stated, one of its primary aim to leave your concrete looking textured or any look you like.

With the concrete planer, this becomes very achievable.

There are other things that the concrete planer is capable of. They can help you find just the right level needed for concrete joints. They are always the best option when looking to make your walkways slip-resistant.

There is simply no limit to what you can achieve.

Final Thoughts

So do you need a concrete planer? If you do, now might be the right time to contact a concrete planer manufacturer. The changes or improvements your business will see will definitely leave you dumbfounded.


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