Types of nuts and their functions


Hex nuts, are among the toughest types of nuts in existence. These nuts are applied in connecting heavy kinds of lumber. They are also used in joining other types of intense-load bearing materials. Additionally, they are applied with hexagonal types of bolts known as, hex bolts. Other than hex nuts, the market is also packed with a wide range of nuts which we will discuss below;

Types of nuts according to shapes

First note, all types of nuts in the market are categorized according to their shapes and the bolts type used to tighten them. Below are some common types of nuts according to shapes;

a. Square nuts

Like the name suggests, a square nut features a square body, and it’s paired with a square-headed bolt. Thus, to connect the two fasteners, a spanner is used. The spanner is applied because it provides a better grip to the nut.

b. Hex nuts

These feature a hexagonal shaped head, and they are paired with six-headed bolts. They feature a threaded body that goes into the item they are getting used to tighten. However, the part of the body directly beneath the head is not threaded.

c. Ring nuts

These nuts come in the form of a ring. They feature slots with curved surfaces. The role of the slots is to allow for tight fastening. These nut types can be used on metal, concrete, and other hard solid surfaces, whereby one nut is the lock to the other nut. They are paired with round-headed bolts, and a C-spanner is used to fasten them because of their shape.

d. Cap nuts

Cap nuts are very similar to hex nuts because they also feature 6 sides and a cylindrical like cap. The cap is located on top, and it is aimed at protecting the end from issues like corrosion. They are commonly applied in miniature locomotives.

e. Dome nuts

These nuts resemble cap nuts significantly. However, the only difference is that done nuts feature a dome-shaped element on its top part.

f. Cylindrical nuts

These nuts feature a cylindrical shape. They also come with drilled holes within their curved surfaces. The role of the holes is to allow for turning using a tommy bar.

Types of bolts according to bolt type

Below are some common types of nuts based on the types of bolts with which they are used;

a. Anchor nuts

These nuts are combined with anchor bolts. Anchor bolts are a type of bolt which are mostly attached to concrete surfaces. They feature an ideal bolt head that can get placed within the concrete.

b. Arbor nuts

Arbor bolts are applied with arbor nuts. Arbor nuts are the second most popular type of bolt in existence. They feature a permanently attached washer and a reversed threading. This type of bolt is commonly applied in miter saw and other materials to keep tools secure.


There are more than 25 types of bolts in the market and each one of them comes with a specific type of nut. When choosing the best one, the first thing you need to consider is the type of application.


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