Understanding the ins and outs of server racks

server racks

A server rack is used to house IT equipment, the likes of storage equipment, servers, HUB, and switches, among others. The aim of using a server rack is to improve the efficiency of management and operation in an IT station. In that sense, server rack manufacturers have come up with different types of racks that meet different needs and situations. The different kinds of server racks all have unique features that set them apart from the latter. If you are looking to purchase one, you may want to consider suntec-it.com. In this post, we look at the different types of server racks and their distinguishing features.

Types of server racks

  • Rack enclosures
  • These are the most cost-efficient of all server racks
  • These types of server racks are fully enclosed on all sides
  • These racks come feature different depth ranges
  • Four posts open frame
  • These types of server racks also double down as network racks
  • They can also be used as cable racks
  • They offer adequate space to host other equipment and accessories
  • Unlike the first type, this type is not fully enclosed
  • It has four mounting rails to mount equipment 
  • It is a 19-inch rack
  • Two post relay racks
  • These types of racks can also be used and cable racks or network racks like the 4-post open-frame rack
  • It has two mounting rails to mount equipment
  • It has adequate space for accessories
  • Wall mount server racks
  • They are easy to install
  • They are completely enclosed
  • They are very secure and not too bulky
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • They can be mounted on either the wall, the ceiling or on a desk
  • They can be used as CPU brackets
  • They are vertical racks
  • They can be used as wall boxes
server racks

The difference between a server rack and a server rack cabinet

A server rack and a server rack cabinet are the same types of equipment. They are both used to house and organize IT equipment. The primary and maybe the only difference between the two is that a server rack cabinet is customarily enclosed. This means that it has doors at the front and the rear of the rack. The doors are customarily perforated to increase the amount of ventilation within the enclosure. Therefore, a server rack cabinet offers more security and stability as opposed to a server rack.

Soundproof server racks or server cabinets

A quiet server rack is the most ideal and cost-efficient solution to hosting IT equipment in environments like in retail stores, offices, or reception areas. Some are not all of the IT equipment that is hosted in a server rack is noisy; hence can be disruptive in workspaces or public areas. Soundproof server racks;

  • Help reduce the noise levels in the environment
  • They help achieve optimal temperatures in server rooms
  • Are secure
  • Save space 
  • Are easy to set up

Bottom Line

Server racks can be used to house rack-mounted servers using a rail kit that helps the server to slide in and out of the rack easily. When choosing the best server rack, you need to consider the size, the equipment that you will be placed in the cabinet, the server rack accessories, the ventilation, and other features like the cost. The server rack can be used in data centers, network centers, offices, and labs as well. 


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