5 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Using Moving Head Lights

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Camera, lights, and a great sound system are usually the key factors when planning stage performances. However, to successfully mesmerize attendees, the lighting execution especially the timing and the illumination must be perfect. To do this effectively, you have to invest in high-quality ABD moving head light. However, even with effective moving head lights, unsightly shadows might occur, and instead of capturing the attention of the audience you end up distracting them. To avoid this, below are 5 things you should avoid doing.

  • Get Careful with Moving Head Lights Colored Flashes

When setting up a display to dazzle your audience, ensure you limit the number of colored moving lights you’re to use. Often, when the sky beam lights change too quickly or slowly, it overwhelms the audience, and the show becomes unbearable. Stick to the mood theme you want to portray and avoid light explosions. Additionally, make sure the moving headlights are in a bearable/rhyming. They can move faster or slowly but in a mode that is not distracting to the audience. When using different lights colors, ensure that they complement each other. Overall, avoid using oversaturated lights.

  • Inappropriate Timing Of Lighting Cues When Using Moving Head Lights

As timing is vital, ensure that the timing corresponds perfectly with the mood you want to display. Often, during shows, a performer will have songs of different themes. Ensure that the performance corresponds with DJ light background or the moving headlights. As expected, it will be quite unfortunate to showcase bright colors during a moody number or vice versa. For this reason, plan your cues well and find the perfect time to execute them.

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  • Having Too Many Moving Head Lights Cues

Unless you want your light display to be confused for ambulance sirens colors and the likes, avoid cramming in too many cues. Let the audience appreciate the last showcase before bombarding them with another. Since the light beams are used to set the mood, changing the colors too often ends up with a chaotic display that might confuse the audience. For this reason, fine tune the moving head beam lights to ensure they get mesmerizing but not annoying or distracting the audience.

  • Not Knowing Your Moving Head Lights Equipment

Even though most moving headlights come with a complete manual on what to do and how to fix it, a manual will be useless during a concert or performance. Make it a point to understand your equipment and various fixtures before a show. Even though you use mini led moving head manual in your home, understanding how to fix some issues without consulting the manual will help you sustain the stage right mood and avoid time wastage.  

  • Not Factoring Moving Head Lights Equipment & Budget

Finally, ensure you pay attention to the quality of the equipment you are investing in. Ideally, a non- operational switch or a broken moving head light package will affect the execution of the lighting. For this reason, aim to invest in the top 10 moving heads you can find because high-quality material is essential for great stage lighting.

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  • Conclusion

As seen above, proper stage lighting is crucial as it can make or break a show. To avoid disastrous lighting mistakes, aim to master the basics of the moving head lights. Nonetheless, identifying the above possible mistakes will give you an added advantage to ensure the quality of your show. Choosing quality moving headlights is the first step towards a great show.


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