A Simple Guide To Circuit Board Components


Circuit board are crucial parts of electronic devices. They ensure that the devices can function and perform effectively. Therefore, the PCB assembly services play a crucial role in making various sectors of the economy function well. Some of the best like, the NEXTPCB assembly service, are widely known for their low volume manufacturing which has a high turnaround time. The critical point to note is that the circuit board consists of several parts. Each part present is used to ensure that the PCB functions extremely well. Below is a simple guide to circuit board components.

Ten circuit board components

1. Switches

Switches are crucial in a PCB. They allow for either blocking or allowing flow. Therefore, the switches can either be closed or opened for the PCB to perform its work.

2. Resistors

Resistors are easy to understand and are usually found in PCBs. Their work is to dissipate electric power, thus resisting current flow. The dissipation happens in the form of heat. The critical point to note is that there are different kinds of resistors used best for various materials. For example, the axial resistors are best for the hobbyist. Furthermore, the resistors are color-coded. The coding helps in determining their value.

3. Transistors

Transistors are crucial in a PCB. They help in regulating the energy or current flow into the circuit. Transistors are used as amplifiers. They exist in various types, the most common being the bipolar transistor. Furthermore, they can be further classified into PNP and NPN versions. 

4. Battery

The battery ensures that the PCB functions well. Without the battery, a PCB is almost as good as dead. The battery ensures that a PCB’s circuit has enough voltage. 

5. Capacitors

Capacitors are in charge of harboring electrical charges. It means that the capacitors temporarily hold the electrical charges and only release them when the circuit requires electric power. 

6. Transformers

The main functions of a transformer in a PCB are to transmit electric power from one circuit. The transfers ensure that there is either a decrease or increase in voltage. Transformers are made of two wire coils that surround an iron core. 

7. Potentiometer

Potentiometers are present in either rotary or linear forms. Additionally, they are one type of variable resistor. The rotary potentiometer is commonly used in radios for controlling the volume. Additionally, it regulates the amount of current in the amplifier. The linear potentiometer is best used when fine-tuning is needed.

8. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

Light-emitting diodes help in producing light in a PCB when an electric charge passes through it. Furthermore, the LEDs allow for a one-way electric flow.

9. Sensors

Sensors are essential in a circuit board. They are used to sense any environmental or atmospheric changes. They also assist in converting the energy from the environmental condition to electric power.

10. Integrated circuits (ICs)

The IC is usually a circuit board’s brain. The ICs are especially essential in computers, smartphones and calculators.


The printed circuit boards are made of different components. The different components are made to ensure that the circuit board functions effectively. Furthermore, the PCBs different components can determine the circuit board’s ability to withstand various tough conditions.


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