Why Conveyor Belts Are Important

Conveyer Belt Systems

A conveyor system is a piece of mechanical equipment that transports materials from one point to another. They are used in almost every industry that involves moving of materials at regular intervals, e.g., recycling centers, bottling plants, etc. There are many types of conveyors, one of them being conveyer belts. The belts move bulk materials or single unit loads along a horizontal or inclined path, and they involve a wire mesh line. Many companies manufacture conveyor system equipment; you can check out mesh belt for more information. In this extract, we discuss the benefits of a conveyor belt.

Benefits of using conveyor belts

  • Belt conveyors can handle a wide variety of materials.

These materials range from very fine, e.g., cement to course, e.g., coal from mining sites. The belt conveyor is suitable as it does not cause any degradation of the products being moved.

  • The belt changes in elevation.

It can be configured in different ways such that it can fit almost any application. It can move materials across levels, horizontally or in an inclined position. Some can also transport the load in a horizontal position to a certain point; then it is elevated the rest of the way.

  • Reclaim bulk materials

Radial stackers are usually available in a processing plant to create large loads of materials. Some conveyor systems have reclaiming belts under the loads to carry the materials to the processing plant.

  • Covers a long distance

Conveyor belts are very convenient as they cover a long path; thus, there is no need to worry about goods transportation, especially those that are bulky.

  • Low power consumption

Less power is required to operate the belt system, unlike other types of conveyors. When carrying bulk materials or loads to the top, they remain static. Due to this, less energy needed to move.

  • Fully automated

The materials are usually loaded automatically, and therefore less manual support and monitoring are required. It also ensures that no breakage or loss of materials is experienced when handling. A lot of work is done in a short period; hence saving time and productivity and responsiveness are increased.

  •   Availability of free space

Conveyers help to manufacture plants to have free space. Less congestion is witnessed as goods move quite fast from one point to another and also the number of manual workers is limited. The plants are, therefore, able to put up new lines or even implement new processes within the industries.

  •  Clean areas

Goods or materials move along the belts; hence they have to be kept clean to avoid any contamination, especially in food processing plants.

  • Product management standardization

The availability of conveyer belts helps a company to reduce the amount of specialization and investment in staff trainings as it already has a useful tool. Also, been automated contributes to this as no workforce is needed.

  • Modularity and versatility.

Conveyor belts are flexible when it comes to changing, reducing, or increasing equipment as the manufacturing plant changes. Some companies are, at times, forced to change their goods according to the market, and therefore, adaptability to different products is vital.


Conveyor belts are of great importance and benefits and would highly recommend them to any manufacturer. Not only will they prove how efficient your company is, but it will also ensure all the services get run systematically and with ease.


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