Applications And Uses Of Active Buzzers

Active Buzzers

An active buzzer refers to a device that produces a buzz at some preferred frequency. The device produces this sound on its own. This is usually even without applying some force or steady direct current. If you want to invest in a buzzer that delivers sound without oscillating signals, then this could be your best option. In this article, you will learn more about why people prefer active to passive buzzers. As indicated by our professionals, active buzzers can viably produce a range of tones by applying oscillating signals.

Individuals who have used this buzzer understand that it is more versatile compared to its counterpart, passive buzzers. Towards that end, you will also learn that with active buzzers, you can produce sound by connecting the buzzer to the microcontroller, such as the Arduino. This can be achieved by enforcing a standard yet average output to the connected pin.

Some of the benefits of using active buzzers over the passive buzzers are such as processing sound without using hardware timers as well as additional codes used in sound production. Over and above, an active buzzer has an in-built oscillating circuit. In terms of sound, the frequency is pretty fixed. This implies that it can quickly generate sound without your impact. Simply put, you can use the Arduino pin to turn the active buzzer on and off.  Some of the features of active buzzers are as follows:

Specifications of an active buzzer

  • Operating Voltage of up to 5V
  • Driver transistor of up to S8550
  • A lower sensor module
  • Taller than a passive buzzer
  • Has a plastic coat at the bottom
  • Needs an external direct current voltage to operate
  • Concussion internal source
  • Has an internal oscillating source

An active buzzer is also preferred over other types of buzzers because it will produce sound regardless of your ability to electrify it.

For this reason, it is costly and easier to control. An active buzzer is commonly used in alarm devices and timers. It’s easy to operate and has a concussion to facilitate the production of energy therein. Some people have admitted that they like active buzzers because they can make good use of them with direct current power. Even without the use of oscillators, you can still have active buzzers produce tones. In fact, it is possible to have these buzzers produce various sounds by driving a high output based on the connected pin.

In Closing  

The global market of active buzzers is estimated to grow in the coming two years. The volume of active buzzers is also increasing. At the regional level, it is approximated that the active buzzer industry will register a growth rate of 35 percent. From an international perspective, active buzzers are preferred than passive buzzers. They are easy to install and operate. If you are wondering which one you should go for, then an active buzzer is a perfect selection. It features affordable elements within. It is also affordable and easy to install.


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