Shot Blasting- What Is It?

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Technology has been revolutionizing the world. It has created great tools coupled with viable resources used in the evolution of people’s lives. Therefore, it has become pretty much possible for the people to put information at their fingertips and use it in changing the world in different ways. Mesblate is here to discuss the benefits of shot blasting in metal coating.

Modern technology has also paved a path for devices such as the blasting machine. Computers, on the other hand, are becoming faster as well as more reliable. But in this blog post, we shall focus more on blasting, including why it is invaluable in different sectors. Let us begin, shall we?

Shot blasting refers to a method that most professionals in the tech sector used in cleaning as well as strengthening a metal. It is a viable method often used in different industries that utilize metal. Some of these sectors are such as construction, rail, and automotive. It is important to note that there are actually two leading technologies used in shot blasting. They are such as wheel blasting and air blasting.

Now let us dig deep into the two types of blasting:

Wheel blasting

Wheel blasting refers to an airless operation of blasting in which the abrasive is typically propelled using a turbine.

All too often, the primary purpose of the entire process is removing any form of remnants of contaminants such as scale and sand as well as coatings.

Usually, one of the essential elements of the blasting process is maintaining a significant balance between the mixed components. That way, it will be possible to create a viable high quality of product finishing while working effectively as well as efficiently throughout the process. Wheel blasting will help you to establish as well as maintain the recommended working mix therein. 

Now that you have garnered extensive knowledge regarding wheel blasting let us now look at air blasting.

Defining Airblasting

Air blasting refers to a significant process used in treating metal. The process has a viable internal working process, which is different from the typical wheel blasting. When it comes to air blasting, there is the use and application of air pressure from a cabinet known as the blast room.

That said, air blasting machines come in different cabinets. Some are composed while others are not. The blast media is accelerated using compressed air. It is then projected using nozzles into the component. And for special applications, you will realize that there is a media that has mixed water that may be used to acquire excellent results. The blasting can also determine the type of abrasive media you want to use and, in many cases, the type of free-running media to be used. 


In closing, a shot blasting machine refers to a methodological process used in propelling an abrasive centrifugal wheel that may be applied in removing impurities from the steel. In general, blasting is done to help descale the surfaces while adding texture in order to enhance adhesion. It also reduces maintenance costs. This is by increasing the coating life. 


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