Factors to Consider When Doing Auger Teeth Replacement

Auger Teeth Replacement
Auger Teeth Replacement

If you’re using auger teeth, changing them at some point is inevitable. It’ll help keep your drilling machine in excellent condition and maintain good performance.

Well at times, it may be prudent to do a complete auger teeth replacement. But, how do you know when to change and when to replace?

Different factors dictate when and how you change the auger teeth. In this article, we’re going to look at the factors dictating when to replace your augur teeth. Have a look.

Auger Teeth Replacement
Auger Teeth Replacement
  • The Usage

When it comes to replacing your augur teeth, the key question should be, how often do I use the tool? Where is the drilling tool used?

If you have a drill that is in use in a productive department, like farming, then replacements need to be more often. However, if the drilling tool is in use less often, then you don’t need to incur substantial replacement costs.

Well, the rate of wear and tear in any foundation drilling tools depends on how frequent they are used.

  • Maintenance Costs

Are you doing regular maintenance on your augur teeth? What’re the costs of its cumulative maintenance exercise?

If you’re doing regular maintenance on these tools, then the chances of wear and tear are minimal. As such, they will last for long; you’ll not need to replace them more often.

However, if they are poorly maintained, then their lifespan will significantly reduce thus necessitating the need to do replacements.

Also, evaluate the relationship between the costs of maintenance and its purchasing price. The costs of maintenance should never exceed a third of its initial value, cumulatively. If it does, then replacement becomes inevitable.

It’s quite imperative to ensure regular maintenance takes place. It’ll go a long way in reducing the cost of wear and tear. However, you need to check on the charges to ensure they don’t go beyond a third of its initial values. Only engage an expert to do the maintenance for you, this is the only way you can be confident that your needs have been met.

Auger Teeth Replacement
Auger Teeth Replacement
  • The Working Conditions

Where are you using these auger teeth? The environment in which you use the drill will significantly affect its longevity.

For instance, if you are using them as foundation drilling tools, then its teeth will be high. You’ll be exposing the teeth to extremely tough and rocky conditions.

However, if you’re digging poles, the chances of damage will be high. As such, you need to pay much attention to the type of ground you’re drilling.


Well, you’ve decided to do auger teeth replacement, right? Well, you’ll need to ensure that the alternative bears the maximum benefits. In doing this, you’ll need to check the costs of repairing and that of doing a complete replacement.

Where the costs of repair are higher than third of the initial price, then it’s prudent to do a replacement. Exercise caution and make sure you get value for the payment you make.


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