What Cause Nozzle Blockage 3D Printer Nozzle Clogged

3D Printer Nozzle

Have you ever woken up and found your 3D printer nozzle clogged? If yes, there are various reasons which could have led to that.  However, you can avoid such malfunction by ensuring you take proper care of your machine. In most cases, nozzle blockage is caused by the following factors.

  • Moisture in the material used

You might have your 3D printer clogging-mid print due to moisture in your material. The humidity in question vaporizes inside the extrusion tip, thus resulting in the plastic being sticky. It is the stickiness in question that causes the blockage.  

  • Due to the failure of the head motor

Also, you might experience a 3D printer partial clog due to head motor failure. The head motor may lose torque due to old age, thus causing some malfunctions. For instance, it might be unable to feed the filament, thus causing a clogged tip.

3D Printer Nozzle
  • Because of using the damaged tip

A damaged tip can make a 3D printer nozzle keep clogging, as well. Therefore, you should not use a tip after its life span has expired. The tip in question has a recommended lifespan, and if you use it after it has expired, it can easily cause a blockage. It should be replaced after its recommended mirage it attained.

  • Improper insight processing

An insight process is used to modify road widths and tool paths, and also to allow you to overfill a part. Consequently, it improves the surface of the quality, strength, and making the part watertight. However, if the process in question is not followed correctly, it can lead to clogging, which requires a 3D printer cleaning filament.

  • Infrequent usage

Additionally, infrequent usage of the machine may also lead to nozzle clogging. If you stay without using your printer for a relatively long period, maybe month few weeks or months, the ink stays without circulating, hence making it dry up. For you to remove the dried ink, you need to clear 3D clog filament.

  • A dusty environment

Besides the infrequent usage, the dusty environment can also lead to nozzle clogging. The dust particles are likely to enter into the print head and block the nozzle, thus preventing it from firing. To rectify such malfunctions, you need to know how to clean outside of the 3D printer nozzle. To avoid such problems, you should place your machine in a lesser dusty place.

3D Printer Nozzle

In conclusion,

Generally, it is easier to find a 3D printer nozzle clogged due to various factors. However, you should take the necessary care of your machine to avoid clogging in question. Some of the common causes of the clogging in question include avoiding dusty environment, infrequent usage, improper insight processing, using a damaged tip, head motor failure, and moisture on the surface. Subsequently, you need to avoid the discussed causes for your machine to last longer.  


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