How to Buy Better Packaging Equipment

Packaging Equipment
Packaging Equipment

You have created an incredible product that appeals to your customers. Maybe it’s a hardware item, bakery snack, medical device or virtually anything. But like other product developers, you’ll need to package your products with packaging equipment.

The need for excellent packaging can’t be overstated. Great products will need amazing packaging. And, the extra time and money you spend on planning your purchasing system pay handsomely if done correctly.

Achieving excellent packaging requires you to comply with some basic requirements. Choose the right bag materials, get the process right, buying the right machine and choosing the best suppliers like Aopack Factory.

Address these questions and you’ll be able to buy the best packaging machine.

  1. What’s in the Bag?

Seems obvious? Well, it isn’t. Until you know the products you want to package, you can’t get the process right. For instance, cookies will require a different set of packaging criteria than a hardware item, silicon water or any other product.

What’s your estimated shelf life? Is the product likely to suffer damages from static discharges? Do the contents need a vacuum packaging? Will microbial contamination be an issue?

Understanding the products you’re packaging will go a long way in determining the bag you need and the appropriate packaging machine.

Packaging Equipment
Packaging Equipment
  1. Which Packaging Process?

Each product will have its own distinctive packaging process. For instance, the process you need to package a small metal is different from that of a perishable food or a cosmetic product.

When packaging plastic or metal products, you may choose something simple like an automatic bagger. The bag advances to the feed position. It’s opened and the product is dropped, a machine then heat seals the bag. The process is different for perishable foods.

We all know that packaged foods don’t stay fresh forever. A number of factors contribute to food spoilage. But it’s the contact with oxygen that facilitates decay.

As such, the packaging process you adopt should limit the contact between food and oxygen. Doing this helps food stay edible and attractive for long.

  1. What’s Your Packaging Speed?

Your packaging speed and intensity has a great effect on the system you invest in. today, intelligent packaging systems are readily available. These machines can operate at incredibly high speeds, they’re also a marvel to watch in operation.

But before you make the purchase, understand your manufacturing capacity. In fact, packaging equipment is neither used at maximum capacity or on every single day. So, choose a machine that’s close to your operational production levels.

  1. Choose the Right Equipment Supplier

Just because a machine fits your operational needs doesn’t mean you should instantly buy it. You’ll need to choose the best supplier or manufacturer in the market. At times, this may be tricky or engaging.

But these questions will assist in choosing the best supplier. Does the supplier have experience in the industry? Do they offer warranty and guarantee conditions? Are their past customers happy with the products?

Also, consider the availability of spare parts for these machines.




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